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DevOps Engineer (Kafka)

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Team description:
The team is responsible for the implementation of a strategic integration platform for BEC. Currently the main tasks in the team are:

•Development and document automated deployment of Kafka platform and support tools

•Development of tools and procedures for the operations, e.g. monitoring, logging

•Implementation Kafka platform in multiple environment (development, test, UAT and prod)

•Support and daily maintenance of the Kafka platform


•We expect the candidate to achieve knowledge at an expert level in Kafka platform.

•Implementation and maturing Kafka production environment using automation.

•Implement deployment to multiple environments using helm, Jenkins, groovy.

•Working on container platform on Openshift/kubernetes using helm, scripting docker etc.

•Design of the server infrastructure with brokers and zookeepers etc

•Design of testcases for resilience and automated execution of the test

•Identification and development of operations guidelines for the platform