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Job i København

One of the 3Shape priorities is to utilize cloud providers for us to deliver services internally as well as externally to our customers. Microsoft Azure is our primary cloud provider, and we are growing our services in Azure.To support us going forward we want to grow the DevOps capabilities. We are using our cloud providers for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.
We are looking for a colleague to our Cloud Solutions department in R&D in Denmark. The department is responsible for some of the central services in the cloud today, and we want to add more DevOps capabilities to support the projects in the department. Together with the rest of 3Shape we will work on setting the standards for DevOps in Azure including helping the projects adding more focus on Infrastructure as Code, monitoring and assisting the teams managing the infrastructure.We are in the future going to have a 24x7 operations function, and you will be key to work together with them making sure that they have the right tools, monitors, scripts for them to monitor and service our systems while we are not at work.If you think this sounds like a super exciting position, please apply for this job opening.Key areas of responsibility

  • Manage or assist services build by the department. This could include
    • Provision additional capacity.
    • Build and maintain scripts for Infrastructure-as-Code together with the project teams
    • Deploy/apply software updates
    • Assist in troubleshooting...