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Job i Storkøbenhavn

Job Req Number: 43807
Time Type: Full Time

Come join DSV as application developer with focus on both backend and frontend development on the web applications that our team is building.

End-2-end solutions
The focus of our team is to build advanced end-2-end solutions that create direct business value for DSV’s divisions, including for example:

  • Address validation: Validation of spelling and correctness of addresses, including adjustments to the address based on analytics and information retrieval
  • And many more to come…

The word “advanced” is used to underline that the use cases we solve tend to have a high degree of complexity, requiring non-deterministic problem solving (i.e. the use of ML/AI), near real-time data processing, a need for high availability, vertical and horizontal scalability and a very high volume of transactions. However, fancy technologies and accurate ML models do not solve the issues at hand alone; we strive to combine our competencies to build holistic solutions where the underlying complexity is hidden for the user to create simple and value-adding experiences.

Experienced developer with a keen interest in technologies
It is expected that you have experience with most of the following technologies:

  • UI library: React
  • UI framework: Material-UI
  • Language: TypeScript
  • State management: ...