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R&D Software Development

Job i København

3Shape is a global technology company headquartered in Copenhagen which offers unique career opportunities in many fields, including Software and Hardware development as well as People and Project Management.Our game is digital dentistry in the global market where we create value for our customers and improve the lives of patients like you and me.We are now scaling up a new Software-based solution which we expect to have massive impact in digital dentistry. Dedicated developers, test engineers, software architects, and other specialists will be contributing to the solution across multiple teams and locations..Therefore, we are now looking for an R&D Software Group Manager that will take responsibility for hiring, nurturing, and developing the teams located at our site in Copenhagen – the estimated group size will be between 8 to 12 people.By the way, if you are wondering about our use of the title “Group Manager”, here is the 3Shape R&D definition: A Team Lead does personnel management of a singular team, a Group Manager has multiple teams (the most logical next career step for a Group Manager in 3Shape would be Development Manager (i.e. department head), but now we are getting ahead of ourselves 😊 )Management for a small component team is the other half of the job (the current Project Manager has taken a new role inside 3Shape travelling onwards on his chosen career path).If this piques your interest, read on!The positionYour Group Manager responsibilities ...