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Senior Frontend Software Engineer

Job i København

Are you passionate about developing and building content products effectively and with confidence? Are you motivated by developing applications? Do you thrive in an environment advocating innovation, communication and collaboration and are you a skilled frontend developer? Then apply for this super exciting position.

About the job | Frontend Development | You write tidy and solid code

You will be responsible for frontend development of our main platform, collaborating with your peers performing code reviews and pair programming. You write high quality code with good test coverage, and you shape the architectural decisions and implementation across portfolio. You get to use your great experience in building web frontends with accessibility in mind and you get to use your proficiency within JavaScript, Typescript, CSS and React.

You will be part of our Development division in Karnov Group Nordic, consisting of 6 dedicated agile development teams. Projects are undertaken by small agile teams in close collaboration with the Products Division securing that our customers have relevant and updated content at hand 24/7. There’s a healthy mix of new greenfield work, as well as improvement of our legacy applications. Our applications are mainly written by using Ruby backend with a React frontend, most are hosted using Docker on the Google Cloud platform. We ensure code readability among projects through linting and using Prett...